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It is a type of social was originally practiced in Europe and the U.S and it is performed mainly by couples. It follows some prescribed steps. Ballroom dance is also present in many parts of the world.

They are two main types of ballroom dance namely

Smooth ballroom dance:

This type of dancing, the couple moves smoothly transitioning from one pattern to the other examples are waltz, Tango, Quickstep foxtrot. Smooth dances are normally danced to western music and the dancer dance clock-wise around a rectangular competitions, the competitors must have the appropriate costumes. Men can either be outfitted in tail coats, vests, shorter tuxedos and other creative outfits while ladies can be dressed in full gowns.

Rhythm or Latin ballroom dance:

In this type of dancing the dancers perform their routines more or less on one spot. Examples are salsa, Paso double, rumba, cha cha and samba. This type of dance is normally danced to contemporary Latin American music and in case of jive; western music. Women are mostly dressed in short-skirted Latin costumes while men are normally outfitted in tight fitting pant and shirts


This is a dancing style for people of all ages and background. You can enjoy the style at any age. For one to be a ballroom dancer, you don’t need to have special skills or the ability to dance. You just need to learn simple dancing steps and their timing and with just a few lessons you can find yourself in the dance floor enjoying the ballroom dancing style. Ballroom dance can be very useful to people who want to keep fit and healthy.


If you are interested to learn ballroom dance it is advisable that you enroll in a group class. This is because it is cheaper as compared to private lessons and you don’t require a partner. However if you want to learn faster you can enroll for private lessons.

The instructor explains the character of the dance and the type of music appropriate for it. Then he or she will teach each partner how they are supposed to position their body and arm, the foot work and the timing. This is all done without music, see more here: .

First you are taught to dance on your own and then after learning the basics you are free to practice dancing to the music rhythm; with your partner. The instructor teaches you more and more steps; teaching you the necessary lead and follow techniques and monitoring your progress until you are confident that you can attend ballroom events and perfectly dance in absence of an instructor.


This is a part of ballroom that is dedicated to college students, normally clubs or teams that have interest in ballroom dancing. The main focus is to finding a compatible dance partner and also bonding with team mates. In Competitive collegiate ballroom, competitors participate in different competitions and events.

I have had a chance to participate in social, competitive and exhibition ballroom. The main distinction among the three dances is that they have different audience. In social ballroom you basically dance with your partner, in competitive, you are judged by the judges and in exhibition ballroom you dance for an audience.

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